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Read This First:

We have conducted a study to compare our prices to the more popular competitors providing similar service. Most of our competitors provide an excellent service and providing packages that offer all types of services and features that are both included within, or are in addition to, the services or features we are offering. more

My Corporation
Basic* Standard* Deluxe* Premium*
My Corporation fees $252.00 $302.00 $402.00 $502.00 see details
C.F. Suppa CPA Fees $199.95 $149.00 $269.00 $349.00 see details
You save $52.05 $153.00 $133.00 $153.00
% savings 21% 51% 33% 30%
Legal Zoom
Economy* Standard* Express Gold*
Legal Zoom fees $287.95 $327.95 $427.95 see details
C.F. Suppa CPA Fees $149.00 $269.00 $349.00 see details
You save $138.95 $58.95 $78.95
% savings 48% 18% 18%


This comparison only lists the prices charged by our competitors necessary, to as closely as possible, at least match our service as of the date indicated above. Both C F Suppa CPA PC and Legal Zoom packages are not asbsolutely identicle in all respects and differ in some features and additional items included in the packages offered. Our competitors features and prices are subject to changes and we encourage you to go to their website to conduct your own price comparison. We think you'll come back! This comparison omits the individual state fees associated with the formation of your business. The individual state fees are fixed by each state. Both Legal Zoom and C F Suppa CPA PC pass the state fees to the customer.