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A CPA Firm servicing start-up businesses

C. F. Suppa, CPA, PC was founded in 1983. By design, this firm has focused on servicing start-up to medium size businesses. We have a history of servicing clients ranging from small single person businesses operating out of their kitchen, to the regional multi state, 18 million dollar business with over 150 employees. We have on occasion assumed the position of in house comptroller / consultant for clients. See below for more information about this service.

This firm is technology oriented. We have a long history of providing accounting software customization, training, and support. QuickBooks training and support has been the most sought after service by our clientele. We provide unlimited QuickBooks support and training to our accounting clients.

Payroll taxes are easily taken care of by us. In fact we suggest our clients take advantage of the payroll function within QuickBooks. We will customize it to your needs. Then we will train you on how to use it. Finally, we will provide unlimited support. As long as we have been retained for accounting services we will support QuickBooks.

Your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is required to open a business checking account and is also required to complete many other applications and registrations. We have been obtaining FEIN's for clients since we first started serving the start-up business community.

Sales tax registration and training is provided to clients who are responsible for the collection of sales tax. This is customarily an area of tax law that must be carefully complied with. We will train you. We will prepare the tax returns on your behalf. In fact, QuickBooks also has a sales tax function that will assist you in complying with your responsibility.

Preparation of S-Corp and C-Corp tax returns has been a service provided to our clientele since 1983. We will help you determine whether to choose C-Corp status or S-Corp status. Clients that retained our accounting services will be guided on their responsibilities in complying with the tax codes. Most importantly our clients are guided on how to minimize their taxes without violating the tax code.

Preparation of personal tax returns is a valuable part of our regular service to our clients. Since 1983 we have been guiding clients on how to reduce their taxes.

Preparation of financial statements is a service available to our clients. Clients will come to us to help them secure business financing. This often requires the preparation of financial statements for submission to the lending institution.

Representation at audits is taken very seriously by this firm. This is crucial to the ongoing service we provide our clients. We are proactive about this issue. The philosophy of this firm is plan ahead to avoid audits. We have represented many clients at different types of audits including the Internal Revenue Service, Sales Tax, Workers Compensation, Dept of Labor, and many others.

Comptroller / consultant services have proven to be very beneficial to a few select clients. We bring discipline and the benefit of many years of experience serving many industries. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO REDUCE COST DURING A DOWN SIZING PHASE.

The need for this service is driven by the need to reduce payroll without compromising the day to day management of the accounting department. It may be more economical to retain a CPA once or twice a week instead of retaining a full time comptroller.

Some clients are fortunate enough to be experiencing growing pains. Their accounting department is lagging behind and the owners spend too much time dealing with accounting / bookkeeping issues. Perhaps even worst, the accounting / bookkeeping is deteriorating. The business cannot hire a full time comptroller. Retaining a CPA one or two days a week is an economical alternative for the interim.